Pow SiA Business Pulse Check

Note: Please provide a score from 1 to 10 for each of the statements below.
This Business Pulse Check is a quick way to identify areas in your business needing attention. We will discuss these areas and your score during your Discovery Session.

Score from 1 to 10
1 My business has a Vision and Mission statement and my team is fully aligned with it.
2 I have a clear goal setting process involving my team, and we map out key steps to achieve our goals.
3 We set measurable targets and track our achievements against target on a periodic basis.
4 My business does not grind to a halt if I or any one of my team members fall ill or go on holiday.
5 All my business processes are documented and every team member knows where these process documents are located.
6 Repetitive processes are automated.
7 We have a good company Culture and all our employees live our Values.
8 Staff morale is high and employee feel engaged.
9 We have a Performance Evaluation process in place.
10 My business is a Customer Centric organisation fully committed to providing the best customer experience.
11 We regularly engage with our customers to understand their pain-points and how we can help.
12 Every customer complaint is investigated, analysed to ensure its root cause is addressed, and followed up with the customer.
13 Our customer retention is good.
14 If Sales doubled next month, we are well-placed to delivered our products/services with no issues.
15 We have a Quality Management process in place.
16 We have clean and comprehensive databases for our Customers and Suppliers.
17 We have a strong product pipeline.
18 We have good cashflow and a robust cash forecasting process in place.
19 I am happy with our profitability.
20 My finance team provides meaningful financial reports on a timely basis.